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I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 1 (Books)
I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 1 (Books)I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 1 (Books)I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 1 (Books)
I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 1 (Books)
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I Can Read [我会读]series is a very popular set of learning materials used by parents in Singapore.  It uses a progressive approach to aid parents in the teaching of chinese language to their kids.

Level 1 focuses on teaching basic words (生词), Level 2 introduces the child to simple sentences (句子), Level 3 teaches the child commonly used word in various scenarios (简单的书), while Level 4 and 5 are short stories (故事). All 5 levels are all available at our store

What is included in Level 1 (12 Books + 167 Cards)?

It comprises of 12 books. There are 10 words in each book, totalling 120 words. On the last page of every page, you will find a list of the 10 words introduced, in English, Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin. In addition, this set comes with 167 word cards containing characters introduced in this volume. Each word card measures 6cm by 8cm.

Level 1 is recommended for children age 1 to 4+.

The topics covered are:-

  • My family
  • My Body
  • Household items
  • Personal items
  • Food
  • Fruits
  • Numbers
  • Actions
  • Animals
  • Stationeries and Shapes
  • Nature
  • Colours

Recommended Way to Teach

Parents should conduct 2 to 3 sessions daily. Start off with 5 words in each session for the first 5 days. On the 6th day, add a new card, and retire an old word. Do the same for the 7th day onwards. Over time, your kid would be able to build up his/her vocabulary. Parents are advised to show the chinese characters and refrain from showing the pictures to the child until the end of the session, as kids may be distracted by the pictures.

About the Author

The author, Mdm Soh has been teaching chinese for the past 30 years. As she was searching for quality chinese books for her toddler granddaughter, she was disappointed at the scarcity of such books. At the same time, her daughter researched into early childhood language development. A combination of teaching experience and proven methods resulted in the design of this series of Chinese teaching aid. These became an instant favourite and success, and now they would like to present them to your children.

Description in Chinese






  1. 我的家庭
  2. 我的身体
  3. 家庭物品
  4. 个人物品
  5. 食物
  6. 水果
  7. 数字
  8. 动作
  9. 动物
  10. 文具,形状
  11. 自然景物
  12. 颜色


1 先然宝宝看字,再给他看图。

2 满周岁的孩子,每次只教五个生字,每天三次,持续五天。五天后,每天淘汰一个旧的生字,加入一个新的生字。

3 教时速度要快,每一页只能让他看一秒钟,总共10秒钟。


5 未满周岁或注意力不能够集中的孩子,每天只教一个生字,一天教5-10次。第二天在教另一个生字,然后温习学过的字。




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