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I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 3
I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 3I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 3I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 3
I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 3
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I Can Read [我会读]series is a very popular learning materials amongst parents in Singapore. It uses a progressive approach to aid parents in the teaching of chinese language to their kids.

Level 1 focuses on teaching basic words (生词), Level 2 introduces the child to simple sentences (句子), Level 3 comprises of one to two stories in each book and each story is made up of very short sentences (简单的书), while Level 4 and 5 are short stories (故事).

What is included in Level 3?

This series consists of 12 books. There are one or two stories in each book. Each story is made up of very short sentences. The purpose is to let your child learn the names of things around him in proper Chinese. This will help him to express himself in Mandarin confidently, and will be helpful for his oral tests in future. This series is suitable for Kindergarten reading programme. Besides the books, small wordcards are also included. These cards contain words that have not been taught in the previous levels.  

Level 3 is recommended for children age 2 to 5+.

The topics covered are:-

  • 动物的特长
  • 动物的特征
  • 反义词
  • 游乐场
  • 公园
  • 海边
  • 上学去
  • 运动员
  • 下雨了
  • 百货公司
  • 做家务,看电视
  • 图书馆,搭地铁

Recommended Way to Teach

Before teaching your child from a book, use the wordcards to teach him the new words first. This will ensure that he knows each and every word in the book. Teach half a book (5 sentences) 2 to 3 times a day, for a few days. When your child is familiar with the words, teach the next half of the book. 4 to 5 year old children can be taught up to a whole book each time.

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