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I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 4
I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 4I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 4I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 4
I Can Read [我会读] (Wo Hui Du) Level 4
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Price: S$65.00
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[Note: Please kindly note that the latest edition of Volume 4 has 10 books instead of 12. As such, the revised price for this bookset is $65.]



I Can Read [我会读]series is a very popular learning materials amongst parents in Singapore. It uses a progressive approach to aid parents in the teaching of chinese language to their kids.

Level 1 focuses on teaching basic words (生词), Level 2 introduces the child to simple sentences (句子), Level 3 is made up one or two stories, made up of very short sentences (简单的书), while Level 4 and 5 are short stories (故事).

What is included in Level 4?

If your child has gone through Levels 1 to 3, he would have acquired good reading skills. Now it is time we let him read stories. Through interesting stories, he can learn much general knowledge and moral values. Besides books, we have included 188 small wordcards. These word cards contain all the new words that have not been taught in previous levels.

Level 4 is recommended for children age 2 to 6+.

The topics covered are:-

  • 小狗喜欢吃什么?
  • 小猫哪里去了?
  • 小鸟的家
  • 小猫钓鱼
  • 两只羊过河
  • 给小猪冲凉
  • 小鸡和小鸭
  • 勇敢的母鸡
  • 小黑羊
  • 老鼠比尾巴
  • 猴子骑脚踏车
  • 爸爸的学生

Recommended Way to Teach

Teach one book 2 to 3 times a day, for a few days. When your child is familiar with the words, teach the next book.


About the Author

The author, Mdm Soh has been teaching chinese for the past 30 years. As she was searching for quality chinese books for her toddler granddaughter, she was disappointed at the scarcity of such books. At the same time, her daughter researched into early childhood language development. A combination of teaching experience and proven methods resulted in the design of this series of Chinese teaching aid. These became an instant favourite and success, and now they would like to present them to your children. 

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