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TaoShu Volume 4 [桃树 第四辑] (with CD)
TaoShu Volume 4 [桃树 第四辑] (with CD)TaoShu Volume 4 [桃树 第四辑] (with CD)TaoShu Volume 4 [桃树 第四辑] (with CD)
TaoShu Volume 4 [桃树 第四辑] (with CD)
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Price: S$45.00
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Tao Shu, the award-winning animation series, is back in book form! To create this series of Chinese-learning books, Peach Blossom Media has collaborated with Mdm Soh, the well-respected creator of the highly successful Chinese language learning books (我会读) series.

This series targets children aged 5 to 8, with an aim to let them have fun while learning Chinese! The books are designed to expand your child’s vocabulary and lay down a good foundation. The series features simple yet engaging tales about everyday life that will teach children good moral values.

How To Use This Book

Read only one book at a time to your child, two to three times a day. Once your child has mastered all the words in the book, move on to the next one in the series.

Each series comes with a free audio CD. This would be very useful for parents who are not able to read Chinese.

Series Features:

  1. Extra-large text with pictures on separate pages. This helps children focus on the text.
  2. Hanyu Pinyin in provided for new vocabulary only. This prevents children from becoming over-reliant on reading pinyin.
  3. English translations are provided to make it easier for parents to explain new words to their children. 

Volume 4

The fourth and final set of 6 books is a treasure trove of ‘crime-busting’ investigative knowledge!  Taoshu flexes his brain muscles this time to navigate his way out of some tricky situations such as finding his way back from a forest and saving a drowning friend.  Taoshu also does some nifty detective work by solving the mystery of the missing bun and piecing the clues together in the Penny saga!

Includes FREE Audio CD with story-time and special read along version!

Book Titles

  1. A Day in the Forest 到树林里去
  2. Finding the way home 不再迷路了
  3. Saving Jinhan 机智救人
  4. Night Adventure 巧计脱身
  5. The Missing Bun 毒包子
  6. The Penny Judge 一个铜钱

If your child is a fan of Mdm Soh (the author)'s works, you may like to consider TaoShu Vol 1, 2 or 3, or Shapes, a set of books that teaches your child about good values. Please read parent's review of Shapes here

Description in Chinese







  1. 字体大,图画和文字分开,使幼儿看得清楚。
  2. 只给生字加注汉语拼音,避免幼儿养成依赖性。
  3. 附英文翻译,方便父母查看。



  1. 到树林里去
  2. 不再迷路了
  3. 机智救人
  4. 巧计脱身
  5. 毒包子
  6. 一个铜钱

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