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DVD - Tell Me Why [十万个为什么](8 DVDs/Set)
DVD - Tell Me Why [十万个为什么](8 DVDs/Set)
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This is a very popular video encyclopedia that is highly educational and fun for the entire family. 

Language Spoken: Bilingual (English and Chinese) with English subtitles 

Don't know how to answer some of the questions that your kids asked? Do not worry as Tell Me Why will help you to solve this. 

This series of 8 DVDs consist of answers to 120 questions that your child will be most interested to know. Some interesting questions include: 

a) Why can an aeroplane fly? 

b) Why do prawns and crabs turn red upon cooking? 

c) Why does one feel like sleeping after a meal? 

d) Why do we dream? 

e) Why do we blush when we are shy? 

f) Why does birds get electrocuted when standing on electric wires? 

g) Why can't we store eggs that have been washed? etc…

Please see free video preview. 


Timing for the DVDs are as follows: 

DVD 1: 41.39 

DVD 2: 40.26 

DVD 3: 43.29 

DVD 4: 47.08 

DVD 5: 49.12 

DVD 6: 51.36 

DVD 7: 49.22 

DVD 8: 50.51 

Description in Chinese

Sorry, there are no chinese description for this product. 

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