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Grandma In The Apple Tree[苹果树上的外婆]
Grandma In The Apple Tree[苹果树上的外婆]
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Grandma In The Apple Tree was originally written by Austrian writer, Mira Lobe. An award winning book of 1965 Austrian Children Book Prize, this story has since been translated into 26 different languages. It has been around for 40 over year. 

Note: We would recommend this novel for children who has achieved an intermediate to advance level of Chinese. 134 pages. Available in paperback, simplified Chinese. No coloured pictures as this is a short novel.

The Story

Almost all children have a grandmother. Unlike the other children, the little hero Andy did not. This made him rather upset. One day, a grandmother fell from the sky, and landed on the apple tree. The new grandmother spent a lot of time with him: to the amusement park, to cover wild horses, out to the sea for an adventure, etc. She is always full of the boldest ideas of what to do.

One day, his neighbor's grandmother moved in. She had rheumatism and as such, her movement were restricted. Little Andy helped her with a lot of chores, shopping, gardening, cleaning and so on. Grandma also taught Andy to bake cake, and made him new clothes. In the process of helping Grandma, Andy felt grown up. People around him started to change their opinion of him. This made him much happier. The gist of the story is that we had to help others to make ourselves happier. The grandma in the apple tree is a figment of his imagination but they had taught him to care and love others in many many ways.  


Description in Chinese



几乎所有的孩子都有外婆和奶奶,可是安迪没有,这令他很伤心。然而有一天,外婆从天而降,来到了安迪家的苹果树上。外婆和他一起去游乐场、去套野马、去海上冒险……外婆的打扮很奇怪,裙边下总是露出好笑的白色衬裤花边;她总有些大胆新鲜的主意,就算被警察处罚也不在乎——嘿!这个外婆还真“另类”。 直到有一天,邻居家搬来了一位新奶奶,她的故事也很奇特,而安迪在两位老人的爱抚中懂得了许多许多。



导语: 米拉·洛贝所著的这本《苹果树上的外婆》于1965年获得奥地利国家儿童与青少年文学奖,历经40余年,已成为公认的德语儿童文学经典作品,直到现在仍在不断地再版。它也是米拉·洛贝作品中被翻译出版次数最多的一部,成为世界各国孩子们都爱读的故事。 读经典文学,打造完美心灵,培养高尚情操,它是青少年读者成长过程中的良师益友。


第一章 安迪有了外婆

第二章 恼人的拼写法

第三章 去草原套野马

第四章 不可思议的海上旅程

第五章 新来的老奶奶

第六章 奇妙的储蓄袜子

第七章 奶奶的心事

第八章 幸福的安迪

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