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Because of Winn-Dixie [傻狗温迪克]
Because of Winn-Dixie [傻狗温迪克]
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Because of Winn-Dixie is a children's novel by Kate DiCamillo published in 2000 and winner of a Newbery Honor distinction in 2001. It also won the 2000 Josette Frank Award and 2003 Mark Twain Award. Based on a 2007 online poll, the National Education Association named the book one of its "Teachers' Top 100 Books for Children.“ It has been adapted as a 2005 family filmdirected by Wayne Wang, produced by Walden Media and Twentieth Century Fox.

This book is the chinese translation. Soft cover. Simplified chinese. 135 pages. 

Note: We would recommend this title for children who has achieved an intermediate to advance level of Chinese. Available in paperback, simplified Chinese. No coloured pictures as this is a short novel.


The Story

India Opal Buloni is a 10-year-old girl who has just moved to a trailer park in the small town of Naomi, Florida, with her itinerant preacher father. While in the Winn-Dixie supermarket, she encounters a scruffy dog wreaking havoc. She claims the dog is hers to save it from going to the pound and names it Winn-Dixie. Winn-Dixie's first act of inspiration on Opal is for her to challenge her father to name ten things about her mother, who abandoned them years before when she became an alcoholic. Opal also befriends the very wealthy librarian Miss Franny Block, who shares great stories about her past, including a tale about her great-grandfather, whose family members died while he fought for the South in the Civil War. Grief-stricken after his return from battle, he decided he wanted to live the remainder of his life filled with sweetness. Thus, he invented Littmus Lozenge candies that tasted like a combination of rootbeer and strawberry with a secret ingredient mixed in—sorrow. In Because of Winn-Dixie, these candies symbolize that even though life sometimes deals people a bit of sadness, there is always so much to appreciate. She also encounters Gloria Dump, a woman whom children think is a witch. She also meets a man named Otis. Otis is the pet shop manager in the town of Naomi. He is shy and upset because he was in jail for playing his guitar on the street, so now he plays for the pet shop animals and a parrot named Gertrude who is Otis' favorite.


Description in Chinese



  温迪克和欧宝每天都会去不同的地方,认识不同的人。想要一座图书馆作为礼物的老小姐芬妮,害羞却又能用美妙旋律去吸引小动物的奥蒂斯,性格古怪、被人们称作“巫婆”的格洛丽亚,以及阿曼达、“小不点儿”和“ 光头宝宝”等都成为了她们的好朋友。


第一章 会笑的狗
第二章 收留温迪克
第三章 小麻烦
第四章 妈妈的十件事
第五章 温迪克上教堂
第六章 第一个朋友
第七章 芬妮小姐的故事
第八章 “佳畜得”宠物店
第九章 格洛丽亚的花园
第十章 种树
第十一章 雷雨恐惧症
第十二章 宠物音乐会
第十三章 恼人的两兄弟
第十四章 过错树
第十五章 有朋友借书
第十六章 战争的故事
第十七章 里德莫斯·洛丹
第十八章 甜与悲
第十九章 奥蒂斯的往事
第二十章 筹划聚会
第二十一章 客人来了
第二十二章 扫兴的雷阵雨
第二十三章 温迪克不见了
第二十四章 真情告白
第二十五章 惊喜
第二十六章 欢乐的歌声






本书荣获2001年纽伯瑞儿童文学奖银奖,深受读者喜爱。 这是一个发生在美国南方小镇的生活故事,女孩欧宝在新家附近的超级市场中认领?闯下大祸的傻狗温迪克。这只狗既不漂亮也不勇敢,灵性不高又害怕寂寞,但与众不同的是它会咧着嘴笑。欧宝正是因为有了这只会笑的狗,才逐渐克服了自己的心理障碍,开始试着去接触早已离家出走的妈妈,并开始在新的环境中结交朋友。



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