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Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe [贝丝丫头]
Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe [贝丝丫头]
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Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe is a children's novel written by Bette Greene. This novel was awarded a Newbury Honor in 1975. The sequels are titled Get On Out of Here, Philip Hall, and I've Already Forgotten Your Name, Philip Hall. This is the Chinese translated version. 
Note: We would recommend this book only for children who has achieved an intermediate to advance level of Chinese. Available in paperback. Simplifed Chinese. No coloured pictures as this is a short novel.
The Story
An 11 year old, African-American Beth Lambert has the biggest crush on Philip Hall, the cutest, smartest boy in the class. Philip is so smart that he beats Beth at all of the things she's best at: schoolwork, coming up with crafty schemes, and even catching turkey thieves. Beth doesn't seem to mind at first, because it's all for fun — or is it? When Beth finally realizes that she's been letting Philip beat her at everything, she decides that it's time to be Number One matter what it takes! But which one of them will be the first to reveal their crush to the other? And should that be a competition too?
This is a short story about teenage infatuation - a light-hearted read about the ups and downs of growing up. 

Description in Chinese


     贝丝是个勇敢的女孩。由于家里饲养的火鸡时常无故失踪,而爸爸也没有什么好办法来解决这个问题,所以贝丝毅然决定采取蹲守的方式找出这个火鸡大盗。在好友菲利普的协作下,贝丝以一把玩具枪智擒火鸡大盗,为家里挽回了损失。贝丝还是位有主见的丫头,她立志成为郡上第一位兽医。为了筹备念大学的学费,她与好友一起在路边摆小摊子卖菜,一起向出售劣质运动衫的商店索赔,一起参加养牛比赛……本书 生动地描绘了贝丝的个性及生活,赶快进入贝丝的世界吧! 本书荣获纽伯瑞儿童文学奖银奖。


     贝特·格林(Bette Greene)生长在阿肯色的小镇,她的第一部小说《德国士兵的夏天》荣获美国图书馆协会最佳童书(ALA Notable Book)奖、美国图书协会儿童文学奖(National Book Award)以及1973年《纽约时报》年度杰出图书大奖。而本书则荣获1975年纽伯瑞银牌奖。目前 Bette Greene女士和她的丈夫及两个孩子住在马萨诸塞州的鲁克林匹。



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