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Shapes Volume 2 [形状 第二辑] Use Your Intelligence (6 books/set)
Shapes Volume 2 [形状 第二辑] Use Your Intelligence (6 books/set)Shapes Volume 2 [形状 第二辑] Use Your Intelligence (6 books/set)Shapes Volume 2 [形状 第二辑] Use Your Intelligence (6 books/set)
Shapes Volume 2 [形状 第二辑] Use Your Intelligence (6 books/set)
Shapes Volume 2 [形状 第二辑] Use Your Intelligence (6 books/set)
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Price: S$45.00
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From the award-winning creators of the best-selling Taoshu Learn Chinese Books, comes another range of fun-to-read Chinese books based on "SHAPES".

SHAPES use squares, circles and other basic shapes to retell famous folktales with humor and wit. The level of Chinese is carefully calibrated to give the young readers a sense of accomplishment. Your child will learn useful life lessons from the folktales and improve their Chinese. 

About SHAPES Volume 2 

SHAPES Volume 2 focuses on stories that teach children how to think smart in various different situations.  Based on our successful animated TV series, these specially selected fables from around the world will introduce kids to characters as diverse and exotic as Moose, Tortoises and even Crabs! Not only will they learn new vocabulary and improve their Chinese, these stories each reinforce the concept of overcoming physical or environmental limitations by thinking smart!

Includes a FREE DVD with a Mandarin language episode from our TV series.

There are 6 Books in 1 Box Set. Please read parent's review of Shapes here

Book Titles:

  1. The Fox and the Tiger  狐狸和老虎
  2. The Reflection  水中的倒影
  3. The Clever Tortoise  聪明的乌龟
  4. The Fox and the Crab  狐狸和螃蟹
  5. The Moose and the Fly  麋鹿和苍蝇
  6. The Cat and the Mouse  老鼠和猫


  • Large characters for easy word recognition
  • Selected pinyin for more challenging words
  • Text and picture separation for enhanced reading experience
  • Colorful and attractive illustrations to sustain interest
  • Moral page at the end for further discussion
  • Full pinyin guide and English translation at the back for reference


Parents who are interested in Shapes DVD Box set can click here


Synopsis of a Sample Story - The Fox and the Tiger  狐狸和老虎

The Story : 

One day, a fox was taking a walk in the forest alone. He encountered a tiger who wanted to eat him up. The fox pleaded with the tiger not to eat him, and he said, "You can't eat me up because I am the King of the Forest". The tiger did not believe him and so the fox challenged him to take a walk in the forest. Along the way, they met a snake. When the snake saw the tiger standing behind the fox, he quickly slithered away. A monkey sitting on the ground eating banana, took a quick look at the tiger and immediately climbed up the tree. Similarly, the rhinoceros came and quickly turned away. The fox proudly exclaimed, "Look, even the rhinoceros is afraid of me, so it proves that I am indeed the King of the Forest." With that, the fox licked his lips and said," Now, it's time for my lunch!" The tiger got scared and took to his heels. 


Learning point : When presented with a powerful opponent, fight not with your might but with your wits. 面对强敌时,不要硬拼,只能以智取胜。


Description in Chinese

Please refer to the English description. 

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