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The House With 100 Basement Level [地下100层的房子]
The House With 100 Basement Level [地下100层的房子]
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This is one of the storybooks recommended for supplementary reading by Ministry of Education, Chinese Department (Singapore) for lower Primary level.

Following the success of "The 100 Storey House 100层的房子, the author Toshio Iwai went on to write this book, "The House With 100 Basement Underground".

The Story

Kong was taking her bath when she heard a voice, inviting her to the 100th basement level for a party. Curious how 100th floor underground would look like, she embarked on her journey via a hole at the foot of a nearby volcano. 

A small animal stayed at every 10th floor. Along the way, she met 10 different animals such as, rabbits, ants, termites, beetles, etc. Read the book to find out which animal invited Kong and why.  

This book is great to stimulate the imagination of your little one. While reading to your kid, let them appreciate the beautiful illustrations. This book can be used to introduce various animals/insects, as well as the daily activities of these animals.

This book is in hard cover. Simplified chinese. For reading to your kid, this book is suitable for children of 2 up. For self-read, this book may be suitable for children of 6 and above.

If you like Toshio Iwai's work, you may also like to check out The 100 Storey House 100层的房子.


Description in Chinese


《100层的房子》受到了广大小朋友和家长的一致好评,于是它有了第二本《地下100层的房子》!这次讲的是到一座地下100层的房子去探险的故事,主人公变成了一个叫小空的女孩,翻阅方式也发生了变化。读过《100层的房子》的你,一定能在《地下100层的房子》中找到更多乐趣: 1.一座直达地心的地下100层的房子,开启孩子对地下世界的想象; 2. 背景颜色的变化,代表了各种不同的地质,让孩子不仅能认识地下的动物,也能对地质变化有大概的认识; 3. 每一层都按照动物的习性设计,让孩子在阅读过程中不知不觉就了解了很多动物的知识; 4. 走到地下第100层后,会发现什么样的惊喜?充满悬念的故事情节设置,充分调动孩子的探知欲望。



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