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When We Eat Up The Earth [如果地球被我们吃掉了]
When We Eat Up The Earth [如果地球被我们吃掉了]When We Eat Up The Earth [如果地球被我们吃掉了]When We Eat Up The Earth [如果地球被我们吃掉了]
When We Eat Up The Earth [如果地球被我们吃掉了]
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When We Eat Up The Earth (Quand Nous Aurons Mange La Planete] is a French original, written by Alain Serres and illustrated by Silvia Bonanni in 2009. This is the chinese translated version.

It is a great book for teaching children about conservation and Saving Our Earth. 

This is not a typical "tell a story" type of book. Instead, Alan Serres (the author) chose to write this book in a very different manner. He throws a lot of "what-if" questions, (如果我们砍掉了最后一棵树)”What if we chop down the last tree".... "What if we finish the last drop of water...", etc... then, we will be left with gold that we can neither drink or eat...  

This will make our young readers ponder about the consequences of our actions - the cause and effect, and helps to send his message across in a subtle but powerful manner. Very interesting read! 

This book is in hard cover. Simplified chinese. No hanyu pinyin. The underlying message may be better appreciated by children who are at least 6 years old.

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