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Emoti- Chinese Idioms [让孩子懂道理的100个成语故事] (2 Books / Set)
Emoti- Chinese Idioms [让孩子懂道理的100个成语故事] (2 Books / Set)Emoti- Chinese Idioms [让孩子懂道理的100个成语故事] (2 Books / Set)Emoti- Chinese Idioms [让孩子懂道理的100个成语故事] (2 Books / Set)
Emoti- Chinese Idioms [让孩子懂道理的100个成语故事] (2 Books / Set)
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This set comprises of 2 books. These books explain the origin of specially selected chinese idioms and would be very useful for children in primary school level. After completing both books, your child will be able to know the origin of 100 idioms. 

Knowing how the idioms came about would deepen their understanding of the new idioms. The books comes in simplified chinese, accompanied with hanyu pinyin. 

Both books are compatible with Emoti Talking Pen, which is very useful for non-chinese speaking families and would allow your child to learn independently. 

For a start, parents can spend about 10 to 15 minutes each day to let your child learn a new idiom. Discuss with him/her about the story to enable better understanding before progressing to the next. Please see free video preview.

Note: For overseas order, please email us directly at Thank you. 

Description in Chinese

本套图书选取了最常见的100个成语,将人文历史、神话传说、山川风物、朝代更迭融为一炉。 一个个生动有趣的成语故事,引导孩子进行思考和想象,帮助他们形成热爱生活、机智勇敢的信念。不但能增加孩子的词汇量,更丰富了孩子的阅读视野,让孩子在 听、玩中体会博大的中华文化。

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