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Dino Series - I Will Always Love You [永远永远爱你]
Dino Series - I Will Always Love You [永远永远爱你]Dino Series - I Will Always Love You [永远永远爱你]Dino Series - I Will Always Love You [永远永远爱你]
Dino Series - I Will Always Love You [永远永远爱你]
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I Will Always Love You [Anata wo zutto zutto aishiteru] is a very lovely story, written by a Japanese author, Miyanishi Tatsuya. This book is the chinese translated version.

The Story

A kind-hearted mommy Ankylosaurus (a type of herbivorous dinosaur) found an abandoned egg in the woods. Out of pity,  she decided to bring it home. The egg turn out to be that of a Tyrannosaur  (a savagely fierce carnivorous dinosaur). Nevertheless, she continued to take care of him, like her own child. 

She named him "Liang“[良太], hoping that he will grow up to be kind-hearted. 良 grew up to be a gentle herbivore, just like his loving mommy.  One day, he found out that he was "adopted" and that he is actually a Tyrannosaur, not an Ankylosaurus. Hurt by the revelation, he left home... Nowhere to be found, mommy was utterly heartbroken......Read the book to find out what happen subsequently..

Don't judge this book by its cover. This is a really touching book that will make the reader feel like crying after reading.  A book about the unconditional love of a mother/foster mother. This book is a gem and is definitely for keeps! If your kid is old enough, let him/her enjoy this book with you. 

Hard cover. Simplified chinese. No hanyu pinyin. For reading to your kid, this book may suit children of 4 up. For self read, it is recommended for children of 7 years up. 

Miyanishi Tatsuya (the author) has written a few other books which are all available at our store. If you like his works and style of writing, do check those books out! I am Tyrannosaurus 我是霸王, You are yumyum 你看起来好像很好吃,How wonderful you are 你真好,I Love You 我爱你。 


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