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Ouch! [小刺猬的麻烦]
Ouch! [小刺猬的麻烦]Ouch! [小刺猬的麻烦]Ouch! [小刺猬的麻烦]
Ouch! [小刺猬的麻烦]
Ouch! [小刺猬的麻烦]
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Ouch is an English original, written by Ragnhild Scamell and illustrated by Michael Terry in 2006. This book is a bilingual version, in both chinese and english. 

The Story

Hedgehog has just finished building a cosy nest ready for winter when... OUCH!. a juicy red apple falls from a tree and sticks in the spines on her back! And now, Hedgehog can't fit into her nest. Oh dear! Squirrel tries to remove the apple but things don't quite go as planned and soon Hedgehog has a juicy apple AND three brown nuts stuck on her back. So Pig and Frog try to help too...  

A brilliantly funny story. Available in soft cover and in simplified chinese. There is no hanyu pinyin in the book. For reading to the child, this book may suit children of 4 up. For self-read, this book would be recommended for children of 8 up. 

Description in Chinese


小刺猬刚刚建好了她的过冬小巢,这时候…… 哎哟! ……一个鲜嫩多汁的大红苹果从书上落下来,牢牢叉在她背上的刺中间!这下子,小刺猬的小巢不再合适了。噢,天哪! 小松鼠试着帮她把苹果拿掉,可是事情不像计划得那样顺利。于是很快的,小刺猬背上除了红苹果,又多了三只棕色的坚果!这样,小猪和青蛙也来帮忙……

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