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Gorilla [大猩猩]
Gorilla [大猩猩]Gorilla [大猩猩]Gorilla [大猩猩]
Gorilla [大猩猩]Gorilla [大猩猩]
Gorilla [大猩猩]
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Gorilla is written by Anthony Browne in 2007 in English. This is the chinese translated version.

The Story

Gorilla is a lovely story about a lonely girl called Hannah who loves gorillas. Hannah reads about gorillas, watches them on television and draws pictures of them but has never seen a real life gorilla before. Hannah wished that her father would bring her to the zoo to see one but he never did.  He is a very busy man who spends most of his time working, even in the evening and on weekends. He never had time for her. 

On the eve of her birthday, her father gives her a toy gorilla instead. She is disappointed. That night, something magical happens. She awakes in the middle of the night to find a real gorilla, who gently takes her by the hand on a trip to the zoo. The next morning, Hannah’s dad asks her if she’d like to go to the zoo which made her very happy.

The visit to the zoo with the toy gorilla is merely her dream but what happened the next day was a dream come true. This book is a gentle reminder for us parents to listen to our children and spend quality time with them. For reading to your child, this book may be suitable for children of 6 up. For self-read, this book may suit children of 9 and above. 

Anthony Browne has written several children books. If you like his style of writing, you can also consider Piggy Book [朱家故事], My Dad [我爸爸], My Mum [我妈妈], I Like Books [我喜欢书] .

You may also like to check out Beetle Boy [卡夫卡变虫记], which is a picture book about a boy who turned into a beetle one morning. Sadly, no one in his family noticed. Everyone was too pre-occupied with their lives. Only his best friend did. 





Description in Chinese





安东尼·布朗(Anthony Browne),英国绘本大师,超现实主义画家,曾获国际安徒生画家奖、格林纳威大奖等,作品先后被译成十四种文字出版,代表作是《大猩猩》、《隧道》、《动物园的一天》以及《我爸爸》和《我妈妈》。


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