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Something Good [最好的东西]
Something Good [最好的东西]
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Something Good is an English original, written by Robert N. Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko. This book is the chinese translated version. 

The Story

Father brought Tyra to the supermarket. Whenever Tyra wants to buy something, be it ice-cream, candy or cookies, her dad would say,"No!". After her numerous attempts to get her father to buy "good things", he tells her,"You stand here and don't move". Standing very still, she was mistaken for a doll and was put on a shelf with a price tag $29.95 on her nose. After nearly being bought twice, her father is asked to pay for his own daughter. He does, and Tyra declares that he finally bought something good afterall. 

A super humorous book about family interaction. Available in hard cover and in simplified chinese. There is no hanyu pinyin in the book. For reading to the child, this book may suit children of 5 up. For self-read, this book would be recommended for children of 9 up. 

A Little More About The Author 

Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has got a degree from Boston University in 1971 with a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology. He studied to be a priest but decided to work with children instead, after taking on jobs at orphanages and daycare centre.

Munsch's wife delivered two stillborn babies in 1979 and 1980. Out of the tragedy, he produced one of his best-known books, Love You Forever. This book was listed fourth on the 2001 Publishers Weekly All-Time Best selling Children's Books list for paperbacks at 6.97million copies. 

Munsch has obsessive-compulsive disorder and has also suffered from manic depression. In August 2008, he suffered a stroke that affected his ability to speak in normal sentences. He has recovered enough that he is able to perform live, but has put his writing career on hold until he is fully recovered.

Description in Chinese


  • 泰雅跟着爸爸、哥哥和姐姐一起来逛超市。为了满足自己的馋嘴巴,泰雅往购物车里塞满了各种好吃的。爸爸急忙把这些吃的全都退了回去,并命令泰雅一动不动地站在原地,结果……
  • 作者简介
  • 罗伯特•蒙施  著名儿童故事作家。蒙施1945年6月11日出生于美国宾夕法尼亚州,曾在美国取得文学学士,艺术、教育硕士学位。蒙施在1985年获得朱诺奖(Juno Award),1986年获得鲁斯•史瓦兹奖(Ruth Schwartz Award),1991年,他又荣登加拿大书商协会的年度优

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