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The Wish Giver [五毛钱的愿望]
The Wish Giver [五毛钱的愿望]
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The Wish Giver was originally written in English by Bill Brittain in 1983.  This is the chinese translated version. This book has received the Newbery Honor award in 1984. 

Note: We would recommend this title for children who has achieved an intermediate to advance level of Chinese. Available in paperback, simplified Chinese. No coloured pictures as this is a short novel.

The Story

Three children (Polly, Rowena and Adam) meet a strange man named Thaddeus Blinn in a carnival tent one day. Blinn sold each of them a card with a red spot on it for 50 cents each and explained that they can make their wish come true if they press their finger on the red spot and say their wish. 

Polly, a sharp-tongued girl whose habit of speaking her mind freely has left her with few friends, makes a wish on her card to be popular. She wants people to smile at her on the street, and also for the two most popular girls at her school to invite her over to their house. The wish comes true, but in a completely unexpected manner – Polly is cursed to croak like a bull frog whenever she says something rude or spiteful to other people. Only when she has not made any complaints or insults for a while does the croaking subside temporarily.

This curse causes her entire wish to be granted; her sudden croaking in the middle of class causes her to become the center of attention at her school. Polly is grateful for the invitation by the two girls, but learns during her visit that the girls are snobbish and unlikable people. She realizes that if she had not spoken whispers to her classmates, she could have easily become friends with them.

Rowena makes a wish of her own for Henry Piper, a traveling salesman she is infatuated with, but can only see three days a time, to "set roots down in Coven Tree and never leave again!" The wish is fulfilled word-for-word: Henry's feet become literally rooted to the ground, and he gradually transforms into a tree.  Rowena soon learns something important from her wish's consequences; a frustrated Henry reveals to her that he never actually liked her, and that most of his travels to exotic locations were taken from brochures rather than genuinely travelling to the places. Rowena also grows close to Sam, a boy who works for her parents, as they search for a cure to Henry's condition. Later Rowena discovers she has been in love with Sam for a long time.

Adam, who lives in a farm that receives little water, wishes for the farm to be filled with water so that his family would not have to work so hard to get water all the time. The next day, a friend of his father teaches him how to use a dowsing rod to locate water. Adam tries this method. When they dig through the soil, a huge geyser shoots out. At first, Adam's parents are exhilarated of this newfound source of water, but the waterspout soon grows out of control, flooding the entire farm.

In the end, these three children used the fourth wish card for their wishes to be undone, and without any of the repercussions or side effects that they suffered. Polly's voice returns to normal, Henry turns back into a human, and the water on Adam's farm stops flowing.

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比尔·布里坦(Bill Brittain)1930年生于美国纽约州罗切斯特市。他童年时代一直生活在他那擅长运动的哥哥的阴影里,因此他只能沉湎于读书,并从中找寻自己的梦想与快乐。成年后,他曾做过一段时间的小学教师,后来便在长岛劳伦斯区劳伦斯高中任教,教授英语和阅读辅导课。他


序言 奇怪的小矮人
第一章 咕——呱呱——咕咕——呱呱
第二章 树人
第三章 水,水,到处都是水
尾声 在司徒·米特的商店里


  本书独具特色的魔法故事书,精彩绝伦地阐述了愿望与现实的关系。                      ——《出版者周刊》(Publishers Weekly)  永远别指望天上掉馅饼的好事,看看这个“馅饼”给波莉、罗威娜和亚当来的麻烦,你就明白这个道理了。 

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