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You'll Soon Grow, Alex [你很快就会长高]
You'll Soon Grow, Alex [你很快就会长高]
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You'll Soon Grow, Alex is an English original, written by Andrea Shavick and illustrated by Russell Ayto in 2000.  This is the Chinese translated version. 

The Story

Alex is smaller than everyone he knows. He hates being so small! No matter how much he tried, for instance, he ate a lot (at the advice of his mother), exercised a lot (at the advice of his father), read a lot (at the advice of his teacher), nothing seems to work. In the end, he approached his tall Uncle Danny for help! .....Well, in the end, Alex realised that he is happier being who he is and it's the size of your heart, not the length of your legs that really matters. Want to know what Uncle Danny told him? Read the book to find out. 

This is a nice little story and the message of the book is sweet and simple.  Be happy with who you are. Sometimes, we wish we are taller, slimmer, prettier, smarter. Children may be self-conscious at some point in their growing up years. Teach your child through this book that it matters more what we are inside than how we look outside. A universal truth that is often forgotten. 

This book is available in soft cover, in simplified chinese with no hanyu pinyin.

For reading to a child, this book may suit children of 4 years and above. For self read, we would recommend this book for children above 7. 

Description in Chinese

读者群: 适合3-6岁孩子阅读,3-5岁建议和父母进行亲自阅读,6—8岁孩子可自主阅读。












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