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Eat Your Peas [吃掉你的豌豆]
Eat Your Peas [吃掉你的豌豆]Eat Your Peas [吃掉你的豌豆]
Eat Your Peas [吃掉你的豌豆]
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Eat your Peas is an English original, written by Kes Gray and illustrated by Nick Sharatt. This book is the chinese translated version. 

This is one of the storybooks recommended for supplementary reading by Ministry of Education, Chinese Department (Singapore) for lower Primary level.

The Story

Daisy and her mother engages in a dinner time debate over Daisy's reluctance to eat her peas. Daisy's mother tries to bribe Daisy to eat up her peas. This dinnertime battle of wits ends when Daisy cleverly points out that mother herself doesn't like her brussel sprouts, just like Daisy didn't like peas. A pleasant and humorous book on family interaction. 

Available in hard cover and in simplified chinese. There is no hanyu pinyin in the book. For reading to the child, this book may suit children of 4 up. For self-read, this book would be recommended for children of 6 up.



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