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The Snail and the Whale[小海螺和大鲸鱼]
The Snail and the Whale[小海螺和大鲸鱼]The Snail and the Whale[小海螺和大鲸鱼]The Snail and the Whale[小海螺和大鲸鱼]
The Snail and the Whale[小海螺和大鲸鱼]
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The Snail and The Whale is an English original, written by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler. This is the Chinese translated version. 

The Story

A tiny sea snail longs to see the world and hitches a ride on the tail of a whale. Their journey takes them across the globe, where they see all sorts of landscapes and creatures. Overwhelmed by the vastness and beauty of the world, the snail declares, “I feel so small!” When the artificial noise of speedboats causes the whale to lose his way and is washed up the shore. This witty little snail seeks help from local schoolchildren by writing an SOS message on their class blackboard. The children fetch the fire service, who dig out the whale and spray him with water until the tide comes in. This ultimately save the whale. 

Through a simple story, there are many messages that parents can bring across. They can teach the child about friendship and helping your friend in need. Or follow your dreams, just like the sea snail did. Parents can also teach their children - no matter how small they are, they can create a positive impact and help others who are bigger than us. Also, parents can teach their child about the importance to think out of the box during emergencies. 

This book is available in soft cover, in simplified chinese with no hanyu pinyin. For reading to a child, this book may suit children of 4 years and above. For self read, we would recommend this book for children above 7.


Description in Chinese




朱莉娅·唐纳森(Julia Donaldson),英国著名作家。朱莉娅在正式进入儿童书创作领域之前,曾经长期为儿童电视节目创作歌曲、编写剧本,因此她的文字琅琅上口,深受孩子们的喜爱。到目前为止,朱莉娅已经为孩子们创作了40多部童年和戏剧。专职于童年创作之余,朱莉娅也经常访问学校与图书馆,为小读者讲故事或表演她的作品。

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