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Storytime Art and Craft [讲故事 做手工] (4 Books/Set)
Storytime Art and Craft [讲故事 做手工] (4 Books/Set)Storytime Art and Craft [讲故事 做手工] (4 Books/Set)Storytime Art and Craft [讲故事 做手工] (4 Books/Set)
Storytime Art and Craft [讲故事 做手工] (4 Books/Set)
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Storytime Art and Craft is hugely popular in Korea, selling more than 900,000 copies in Korea. It comes in a set of 4 books. The first half of each book begins with a story. The second half of every book comprises of materials used for "Art And Craft", based on the story shared earlier. 

This is a highly educational, humourous and fun set of books that parents can share with their child. 

Sample Story

In the book 世界旅行 (Overseas Travel), Grandpa Mole introduces key landmarks of some countries to his 2 grandchildren. These landmarks include Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and more.  

The landmarks are introduced in a super humourous way that will make it easy for the little ones to remember. For example, when Grandpa Mole was younger, he loves to travel. One day, Grandpa was digging a hole upwards in Italy, at high speed. As he was almost reaching the surface, his head hit against something hard. It was a building. Oh dear, the impact was so great that the building tilted a little. Grandpa tried but was not able to adjust it back to the original position, and so, till now, the building is still a little slanted. It is called "The Leaning Tower of Pisa". 

In the second half of the book, children will read more about the facts of Leaning Tower, and there is a section where they can tear out the perforated objects to create a 3-D Tower.

The 4 titles in this set are: 

  • 世界旅行 (Overseas Travel)
  • 盖房子 (Houses) Items introduced includes table and chair, sink, sofa, etc. 
  • 汽车 (Automobile) Items introduced includes ambulance, trishaw, double-decker bus, fire-engines, etc. 
  • 飞机 (Planes) Items introduced includes rockets, aeroplanes, hot-air balloons, helicopter, etc. 

This book is recommended for children above 4 years old. Parents has to be able to read well in Chinese. It is available in simplified Chinese, with no hanyu pinyin. 

Description in Chinese





  • 世界旅行
  • 盖房子
  • 汽车
  • 飞机

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