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Farmer Fred Stories (8 books/set) [和朋友一起想办法]
Farmer Fred Stories (8 books/set) [和朋友一起想办法]Farmer Fred Stories (8 books/set) [和朋友一起想办法]Farmer Fred Stories (8 books/set) [和朋友一起想办法]
Farmer Fred Stories (8 books/set) [和朋友一起想办法]
Farmer Fred Stories (8 books/set) [和朋友一起想办法]
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Farm Fred Stories is an English orginal, written by Gaby Goldsack and illustrated by Steve Smallman. A compilation of 8 books written by Gaby, this is the Chinese translated version. 

The Story

Set in a farm, farmer Fred is faced with a different problem in each of these 8 books and see how he (always) manages to tackle each problem calmly. The theme of the books is about seeking clever ways to solve urgent issues at hand. A very interesting set of books that parents can read to their kid and impress upon their child of the importance of thinking creatively, and at times, out of the box. 

We would recomend this set of books for children who are 4 and above. For self-read, we would recommend it for children who are 8 years old and above. Beautiful illustrations, the books are in simplified chinese, with no hanyu pinyin. 

The following are the 8 titles:-

- The Ticklish Sheep

- The Unhatched Egg

- The Tricky Tractor

- The Missing Milk

- The Birthday Surprise

- The Mud Bath

- The Storm Rescue

- Tractor Trouble 


Description in Chinese


  • 《怕痒痒的小绵羊》
  • 《牛奶去哪儿了》
  • 《受伤的拖拉机》
  • 《孵不出来的小鸡》
  • 《怕热的小猪》
  • 《糟糕的生日聚会》
  • 《暴风雨来了》
  • 《拖拉机闯祸了》



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