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Wilma, The Elephant [大象小不点] ) (4 Books/set)
Wilma, The Elephant [大象小不点] ) (4 Books/set)Wilma, The Elephant [大象小不点] ) (4 Books/set)Wilma, The Elephant [大象小不点] ) (4 Books/set)
Wilma, The Elephant [大象小不点] ) (4 Books/set)
Wilma, The Elephant [大象小不点] ) (4 Books/set)
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Wilma, The Elephant is a German original, written by Erwin Moser in 1988. There are 4 books in this set. This is the Chinese translated version. 

The Story

Wilma, the tiny baby elephant, is separated from her parents on the second day she is born. Feeling lonely, she goes in search for her parents. Along the way, she meets a honey fly, a snail and then joins a frog-and-grasshopper musical band. When she grows too big for them, Wilma sets off alone, finally meeting a turtle who takes her across the river where she meets a childless Pig couple.  The lonely couple takes her in and gives her a home.

In Book 2, Wilma continues her search for her parents. She manages to reunite with them (in Book 2) but eventually decides to wander off on her own as she is not used to living with the herd. In Book 3, Wilma forms strong friendship with her 3 newfound friends - the Mouse, the Lion and the Eagle. Follow her as she embarks on more adventures in the jungle in Book 4. 

A lovely story that parents can read to your child. Beautiful illustration, simplified Chinese with no hanyu pinyin.

For reading to the child, we would recommend these books for children who are 4 and above. For self-read, it is recommend for children of 8 years old and above. 

Description in Chinese



  1954年生于奥地利维也纳,曾为排字工人,后成为自由职业者。1975年,他出版了第一本由自己创作插画的图书,之后一手包揽了文字和图画,开始创作自己的作品。作品《爷爷的故事或带飞树的床》和《谷仓后面的月亮》入围德国青少年文学奖,《海上漂流瓶中的故事》获得奥地利少儿文学国家奖荣誉奖。1987年,《雪地里的乌鸦》在日本获得猫头鹰奖(Owl Prize);1992年,《乌鸦阿尔丰斯》获得德国哈默恩市颁发的捕鼠人(Rattenf?nger)文学奖;2000年,他被评为“年度童书作家”。他的作品被翻译为中、英、法、日、荷、瑞典等多种语言,流传甚广。


01 小不点走丢了!
02 小不点的新朋友
03 小不点的大冒险
04 小不点回家了!

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