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Wanted : The Perfect Pet [完美的宠物]
Wanted : The Perfect Pet [完美的宠物]Wanted : The Perfect Pet [完美的宠物]
Wanted : The Perfect Pet [完美的宠物]
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Wanted: The Perfect Pet is an English original, written and illustrated by Fiona Roberton in 2009. This is the Chinese translated version. 

This is one of the storybooks recommended for supplementary reading by Ministry of Education, Chinese Department (Singapore) for lower Primary level.

The Story

Henry has always wanted a pet dog, one with floppy ears and wet nose, and so he advertises for one. Duck lives all alone on the top of the hill and yearns to have a friend. When he comes across Henry's advertisement, he is thrilled. He dresses himself up as a dog to meet Henry. Henry takes in Duck, thinking that he is a dog.  Was Duck eventually found out? How did Henry react? Was Duck kicked out of the house? Can Duck ever be the "perfect pet?" Let's read the book to find out. 

Our Comment - This story sounds a little absurd, but hey, this is afterall a children fiction book, isnt' it? :) 

This book is in hard cover. Simplified chinese. There are no hanyu pinyin. For reading to the child, this book may suit children of 4 years old and above. For self read, we would recommend this book for children above 7. 

If you are looking for books on the topics of pets, you may like to check out I Wana Iguana.


Description in Chinese

★ 英国图画书创作新秀菲奥娜?罗伯坦倾心之作
★ 《美国图书馆》杂志重点推荐图画书
★ 荣获澳大利亚出版协会2010年度最佳图书设计大奖
★ 一个追寻完美宠物的小男孩,一只孤零零的小鸭子,在孤独中碰撞出希望的火花
★ 一场可爱的关于冒险和友爱的旅行;一次严肃的关于关爱和尊重的生命洗礼
★ 简洁、独特的线条画面,配合诙谐、幽默和悬念迭出的情节,让阅读中充满惊喜
★ 培养孩子们独立、自强和解决问题的能力,学习以开放的心胸面对未知的事物
★ 启发孩子们以包容的心态面对生活,尊重和接纳人生中的现实存在
★ 适读年龄:3-5岁亲子阅读;6岁以上自主阅读



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