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Mom's Mad [妈妈发火了]
Mom's Mad [妈妈发火了]
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Mom's Mad is a Korean original, written and illustrated by Choi Sook-Hee in 2011. This is the Chinese translated version. 

Do you know of someone who is persistently scolding and nagging at his/her kid? Perhaps this storybook would make an ideal gift for him/her, as a gentle reminder of the negative impact of scolding on our child. 

The Story

Shan's mommy scolds him for everything he does - for messing up the table when eating noodles, for playing with soap while showering, for doodling on the wall, etc. One day, Shan goes missing and this makes mommy panic. She searches high and low for him. Clearly throughout the book, reader can see that mommy does love her little boy very much (and so does he). Her scolding makes him sad every time, and eventually, she realises it is high time to review her parenting method. 

This book is in hard cover. Simplified chinese. There are no hanyu pinyin. For reading to the child, this book may suit children of 5 years old and above. For self read, we would recommend this book for children above 8. 


Description in Chinese






小山开心地吃炸酱面、认真地画着图、努力玩着泡泡,但是为什么又惹妈妈生气了呢?小山不知道自己到底做错了什么……  妈妈发火时,不知哪里来了股神秘的力量,一下就把小山变没了!小山究竟去了哪里?妈妈翻山越岭、跋山涉水、历尽千辛万苦,还是没能找到小山。就在她走投无路的时候,一句真心话,产生了重大的转变……


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