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Pigs Can't Fly [小猪变形记]
Pigs Can't Fly [小猪变形记]
Pigs Can't Fly [小猪变形记]
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Pigs Can't Fly is an English original, written and illustrated by Ben Cort. This is the Chinese translated version. 

The Story

A bored little Pig meets a giraffe one day. Thinking that it is no fun to be a pig, he decides to climb on a stilt, pretending to be a giraffe. He loses his balance and falls hard. Zebra tells him, "You are not a giraffe. You are just a wobbly pig on stilt." Next, Pig decides to be a zebra, by painting stripes on his own body. A brand new disaster ensues. Everytime Pig sees a new animal, he'll pretend to be it. Will Pig ever get it right? Well, in the end, Pig realises that it is most fun to be himself. 

A cute book with simple storyline. The key theme of this book is to be happy with who you are and what you have. 

This book is in soft cover. Simplified chinese. There are no hanyu pinyin. For reading to the child, this book may suit children of 5 years old and above. For self read, we would recommend this book for children above 8.

If you are looking for books on similar theme, you may like to check out You'll Soon Grow, Alex which is about a little boy who wishes he will grow taller, or A Colour Of His Own, a nice tale about the chameleon who is sad because he has no colour of his own. 

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