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The Friends of Little Tyrannosaur [怎么才能不吃掉我的朋友?]
The Friends of Little Tyrannosaur [怎么才能不吃掉我的朋友?]
The Friends of Little Tyrannosaur [怎么才能不吃掉我的朋友?]
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The Friends of Little Tyrannosaur is an French original, written by Florence Seyvos and illustrated by Ana s Vaugelade.

This is one of the storybooks recommended for supplementary reading by Ministry of Education, Chinese Department (Singapore) for lower Primary level.

The Story

A little tyrannosaur (a type of ferocious dinosaur) is lonely. He has no friend at all because whenever he is hungry, he'll gobble up the animals around him. He tries really hard to kick this "bad habit" but was never able to succumb to "temptation". This is not until one day, he meets a witty mouse who decides to help him out. Let's read the book to find out what his clever friend did.

Available in hard cover, with colourful pictures. For reading to the child, this book is recommended for children of 6 years old and above. For self read, we would recommend this book for children who are 10 years old and above.

Description in Chinese

一个帮孩子改掉坏习惯的小技巧! 小智慧解决了大问题。 怎么才能不吃到我的朋友?这是小恐龙一直在思考的问题。尽管每次他都想忍住不去吃掉朋友,可这个坏习惯却总是改不掉。直到莫罗的出现。莫罗用了一个小咒语避免自己也被吃掉,又用了一个聪明的小计策教会了小恐龙做蛋糕。以自己的智慧帮小恐龙改掉了这个坏习惯。 《怎么才能不吃掉我的朋友》有生动、有趣的画面。小恐龙的无辜的表情和急切的神态,引领者读者一步步进入故事。 《怎么才能不吃掉我的朋友》由弗洛伦丝?塞沃斯所著。

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