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Ducky Series [小黄鸭习惯养成系列] (6 books/set)
Ducky Series [小黄鸭习惯养成系列] (6 books/set)Ducky Series [小黄鸭习惯养成系列] (6 books/set)Ducky Series [小黄鸭习惯养成系列] (6 books/set)
Ducky Series [小黄鸭习惯养成系列] (6 books/set)
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Ducky Series [小黄鸭习惯养成系列] is an English original, written by Bernette Ford and illustrated by Sam Williams. It comprises of a set of 6 books. Each book centres around a different theme. Parents can use the books to teach the little ones about the various aspect of growing up, such as potty training, weaning off pacifier, etc. 

The 6 titles in the set are:-

- No more diapers for Ducky 我不穿纸尿裤啦

- No more hitting for Little Hamster 我不再打人啦

- No more pacifier for Piggy 我不用奶嘴啦

- No more blanket for Lambkin 我不用毯子啦

- No more biting for Billy Goat 我不再咬人啦

- No more bottles for Bunny 我不用奶瓶啦

This set of books is recommended for children from 3 years old onwards. Simplified chinese with simple storyline. There are no hanyu pinyin in the books. 

Description in Chinese

Please refer to the English description. 

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