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The Memory String [记忆的项链]
The Memory String [记忆的项链]The Memory String [记忆的项链]The Memory String [记忆的项链]
The Memory String [记忆的项链]
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Each button on Laura’s memory string represents a piece of her family history. The buttons Laura cherishes the most belonged to her mother—a button from her prom dress, a white one off her wedding dress, and a single small button from the nightgown she was wearing on the day she died.

When the string breaks, Laura’s new stepmother, Jane, is there to comfort Laura and search for a missing button, just as Laura’s mother would have done. But it’s not the same—Jane isn’t Mom. In Eve Bunting’s moving story, beautifully illustrated by Ted Rand, Laura discovers that a memory string is not just for remembering the past: it’s also for recording new memories.

A great book to have on hand for children dealing with death, loss, divorce, and remarriage.

For self-read, this book is suitable for children of 14 years old and above. This book is available in hard cover.

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