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When My Hair Grows Long [小真的长头发]
When My Hair Grows Long [小真的长头发]When My Hair Grows Long [小真的长头发]When My Hair Grows Long [小真的长头发]
When My Hair Grows Long [小真的长头发]
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Zhen who don a bob hairstyle, has two other good friends with long hair. One day, her friends innocently asked, "Zhen, how long can your hair grow?".

"Oh, it can grow to as longgggg as you can ever imagine." She went on to brag about how long her hair can grow and how useful it would be - such as, used as a fishing rod to catch many fishes, clothing line for mommy, as a cocoon to wrap around herself when she is cold..... At the end of the conversation, her friends were so impressed by her that they wish Zhen's hair would grow as fast as possible.

This book really depicts how imaginative little kids could be and the innocent mind of a child. Very interesting read that you can share and laugh together with your kid. This book is in soft cover, with no hanyu pinyin.

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