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A Taste of the Moon [月亮的味道]
A Taste of the Moon [月亮的味道]A Taste of the Moon [月亮的味道]A Taste of the Moon [月亮的味道]
A Taste of the Moon [月亮的味道]
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A Taste Of The Moon was originally written in German, Wie Schmeckt Der Mond, and was translated into Chinese.
The Story
The animals had wanted to find out what the moon tasted like. One day, the tortoise decided to climb the tallest mountain, in an attempt to reach the moon. When he was up there, the moon was indeed closer, but still too far to reach. So the tortoise called the elephant, who climbed up on top of the tortoise to see whether they could touch it. Amused, the moon decided to move away a little, and the elephant could not reach it. So they started calling all the other animals, one by one. Eventually, they formed a tower with the tortoise at the base, followed by the elephant, the giraffe, the zebra, the lion, the fox, the monkey... Each time the moon saw another animal arrive, it moved away just a little bit more to stop them from reaching.

Finally, the mouse came along, and when the moon saw the mouse she thought to herself 'Such a small animal will never reach me'. And she stayed where she was. So the mouse climbed up the tower of animals and -at last!- managed to tear off a small piece of the moon. It then passed down a piece of the moon to each of the other animals
below. And what did it taste of? Read the book to find out..
This book is well written and suitable for reading to kids of young age. It has a repetitive and cumulative structure and parents can encourage the narration of the various animals in the book, such as giraffe, elephant, etc, as they appear.
This book is available in hard cover. There are no hanyu pinyin. For reading to the child, this book may be suitable for children of 3 years and above. For self read, this book may be suitable for children of 5 and above. 


Description in Chinese





  月亮看着老鼠,心想:“这么个小不点儿,肯定捉不到我的。”月亮已经玩累了,这回它没有动。想不到,“咔嚓!” 老鼠咬下一片月亮。它给动物们都分了一口月亮,大家都觉得,这是它们吃过的最好吃的东西。



麦克·格雷涅茨(Michael Gregniec),1955年生于波兰,在欧洲从事插图工作,于1985年赴美国。1996年以《月亮的味道》获得日本绘本奖,现居日本专门进行绘本创作。他曾发表过《为什么伤心/你在哪儿》、《小卡车,我等你》、《泰迪熊、阳光闪闪》、《彩虹色的花》。

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