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Little Blue and Little Yellow [小蓝和小黄]
Little Blue and Little Yellow [小蓝和小黄]Little Blue and Little Yellow [小蓝和小黄]Little Blue and Little Yellow [小蓝和小黄]
Little Blue and Little Yellow [小蓝和小黄]
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Little Yellow and Little Blue is written by Leo Lionni in 1959, for his two grandchildren during a dull train ride. He subsequently earned worldwide popularity as the author and illustrator of more than thirty children's books, many of them translated into numerous languages. Lionni received the American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal in 1984, and was a four-time winner of the prestigious Caldecott Honor Book award. Hailed as "a master of the simple fable" by Chicago Tribune, he died in 1999 at the age of 89.

The Story

Little blue and little yellow are good friends, and play together often. One day, they could not find each other. When they finally met, they were overjoyed and hug until they became green.

They went home but their parents could not recognise them. Hurt, they both cried until they are back to their normal colours - blue and yellow.....

This would be an excellent book to show the kids how colors can be mixed and get other colors. For instance, red and yellow = orange, red and blue = purple, etc.  It also would be good to teach non-discrimination without using colors that people are in our society and ask how they would feel.

This book is in soft cover. Simplified chinese. There are no hanyu pinyin. 


Description in Chinese







李欧·李奥尼(Leo Lionni),1910年出生于荷兰阿姆斯特丹,1999年10月过世,享年89岁。父亲是比利时的犹太商人,母亲是荷籍的女高音,李欧是独子,从小就浸淫在家族浓厚的艺术气息中。由于父亲工作的关系,他十三岁时离开了童年故乡,在美国小住过三年,1925年又迁居到意大利,在杰诺瓦(Genoa)求学,一直到修完经济学博士,结婚后,才转到米兰工作。1939年,因法西斯主义盛行,欧洲兴起反犹太的浪潮,在纳粹侵犯的前夕举家走避美国,1945年入籍美国,成为美国公民。

  李欧在美国费城找到广告代理商,得到艺术总监助理的职位,他的天份与才华因此被发掘,在美国的设计界大放异彩。1959年首作绘本――《little blue and little yellow》(《小蓝和小黄》)诞生。虽然以49岁之年开始创作图画书,但其后,则陆续创作了数十本图画书。李欧被誉为儿童文学界的寓言大师,以深入浅出、耐人寻味的小故事传达出隽永的人生智慧。他擅长以贴画(Collage)来表现,把各种可以粘贴的材料,如:报纸、墙纸、色纸、不快、毛线、邮票、果皮等等来代替颜料,粘贴在图画或画布上,呈现出不同的肌理(Texture),表现出浮雕味的特殊质感来丰富画面。其作品不仅脍炙人口,也获奖无数,是一位当代颇为重要的图画书大师。

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