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When The Wind Stops [风到哪里去了]
When The Wind Stops [风到哪里去了]When The Wind Stops [风到哪里去了]When The Wind Stops [风到哪里去了]
When The Wind Stops [风到哪里去了]
When The Wind Stops [风到哪里去了]
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When The Wind Stops is a beautifully written story by Charlotte Zolotow. This is the Chinese translated version.

The Story

"Why does the day have to end?" a little boy asked his mother.
"So that night can begin," she said... "the night with the moon and stars and darkness for you to dream in."

When the Wind Stops is a lovely story about how everything moves on, be it a dandelion seed, a mountain, or a season, and how in changing, nothing is lost. A little boy regrets the end of his day, and so his mother explains that all things change to become something else, that nothing ever ends. A cloud that he sees goes to offer shade somewhere else, a wave that breaks on the shore is sucked back into the sea. His day becomes night, so that he might rest and dream, but somewhere else, it is a new morning.

When the Wind Stops encourages children to think beyond their own moment of experience, one of the larger steps of moral development. Zolotow sounds an implicit call to responsibility; if nothing is lost or destroyed, if everything is retained whether it is within our sphere of perception or not, then the ways that we impact our environment are part of a continual story. At the same time, she reassures children that they and the things that they love have meaning, and that though they will change and grow, they will never be lost. Zolotow shares two of the most important keys to a joyful life -- to know that what we cherish will be cherished forever, and to know that how we live is all part of one inseparable, eternal story -- and while young children may not understand the book in these terms, they will feel the safety, connection, and with a little encouragement, the responsibility that When the Wind Stops inspires.

We would recommend this book for children who are 7 years and above as the concept of time may not be easily understood by young children. Soft cover. Simplified Chinese. 

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